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Seit 2003 berate ich nationale und internationale Organisationen, Vereine, Universitäten und Firmen.

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Menschwerk e.V. –  Felsenkeller e.V. – Sang-Sangai e.V. – Tante Emma Rodgau e.V. – Rüdinger Art –

INNOVAART – Jetmaster Systems – Southern Converters – Fineartfoto – Innovation Technology Coatings – Brand Management Group

Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Lateralitätsforschung – National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy – Hochschule für Technik Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig – IBA_knowledge networks

ABi Associates Ltd – UIP GmbH & Co. KG – Schnarr Oberflächentechnik – Temple Healthcare London – Grange Business Hub – Blumen Fuchs – Zimmerei Stenger Aschaffenburg – Brick Bakery – fratra – SPIELSTEINE



Both Andre’s European experience and ICT skills have been very helpful whilst working on several European Social Fund projects involving partners in the EU. Andre was highly efficient concentrating on what the projects exact needs were and managed all IT and web related tasks. He is able to combine creative thinking with a rigorous analytical process, which results were reflected in innovative developments. His combined creative and technical abilities keep ABi at the leading edge of ICT whilst ensuring customer focused outputs. I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation.

Gerry Smith

Programme Director, Abi Associates Ltd.

Andre is a fantastic problem solver and there is no question to easy or hard that he will not try to answer accurately. He is a valued contact of mine.

Henry Poyntz

Head of Technology and Innovation, Supply Clusters

Andre has created two Web sites for non-profit ventures I’ve been involved in over the past two years. He was quick to volunteer his services and had the sites up almost immediately after receiving the information. The designs are original and extremely pleasing. I’ve also had frequent comments about the ease of navigation and use of graphics. I would not hesitate to work with Andre in the future or give him my highest recommendation.

Dana WIlson

Photographer and Journalist, Mortal Coil Media

Andre is a very clear methodical thinker with an ability to think outside the box. Aligned with his expertise is ICT, is his high level of intellect that allows him to look at the big picture. He addresses not only the immediate challenges but also helps his clients steer a course that will lead to future success aligned with their business strategy. Only many occasions I have worked with Andre to create marketing material for a wide variety of projects. His technical ability always ensured a high quality of output, and his understanding of the ‚end game‘ enabled him to delivery the best solution quickly.  I look forward to working with Andre again in the future.

Gaurang Naik

Business Adviser, Abi Associates Ltd.

Andre is my design and computer guru. I rely on him in all aspects of design from logos to websites all the way to installing e-commerce solutions for CMS systems. With a passion for photography Andre has an eye for colours and spacial appropriateness but as a CMS expert he also knows the importance of intuitiveness and simplicity. Andre has a „can do“ attitude and will go out of his way to meet your budget and deadline and still deliver top class services and products!

Sandra Sheppard

Senior Consultant, Certeco

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